This is the applications that I've handled.


  • Accounting System
  • Syteline 7 & 8
  • SAP

Weighing Software

  • Weighbridge Software
  • Weighmaster [AU]
  • Weighman Pro [MY]
  • Weigh TC1 - Weighing Software


  • HR System 
  • Payroll

Lab Systems

  • COA Labs [AU]
  • Drugtrax


  • Inventory System
  • Logistic System


  • Every Angle [BI]
  • Kilimanjaro [BI]
  • SMS Gateway
  • PI System
  • Bartender [Barcode Software]
  • Enablon [EHS Management]

My name is Siswoyo and you can call me Sis. Now, I work as Field Service Engineer.

Perum Alam Indah Sejahtera Blok D No 2 Jl. P. Sangiang Kel. Sukarame RT. 006 LK I Kec. Sukarame
Bandar Lampung, Lampung

Tel: +62 811 720 3049
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the portfolio of my project that I have done in whole or in part for work.

Gajah Tunggal Group [DCD and WM]

  • HR System
  • Payroll
  • Logistic System

Wirakencana Adiperdana, PT

  • Accounting System
  • Factory System

Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo, Tbk

  • Weighbridge Software ; interface to Syteline.
  • SMS Gateway
  • Syteline 7 and 8
  • SAP
  • Every Angle
  • Kilimanjaro

Cargill Indonesia, PT

  • Bartender
  • Weigh TC1 - Weighing Software ; interface to SAP.
  • Inhouse SMS Gateway
  • PI System

Tata Consultancy Services Indonesia, PT

  • Network Redundancy Solution

There are a certificate that I got

::: Fundamental of Management from Cargill

::: MCTS Certificate

Hi, I'm Siswoyo. 

Programmer, System Analyst, System Analyst and Developer, SAP Coordinator, Application Support Analyst, Technical Analyst, Field Service Engineer,  ...