The basic form of a verb

We use to + infinitive:

  • after adjectives (e.g happy, pleased, easy, difficult, safe, possible)

*) I'm happy to meet you.

*) It's nice of you to say that.

*) It's important for you to practice your English knowledge every day.

  • to express purpose (=what a person want to archive)

*) I am going to call him soon.

*) I came here to meet a client.

*) I called you to ask about this important matter.

  • to make a comment or judgment

*) It was a very dangerous thing to do.

*) She is the best partner to work with.

*) That was not a nice thing to say, Bro.

  • with adverbs

*) There isn't enough time to study!

*) The ice cream is too cold to eat.

*) That was not a nice thing to say, Bro.

  • with question words

*) Do you know how to operate this machine?

*) My room is full already. I don't where to put all this stuff.


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