Subject + Predicate + Complement

I                          go              to my office

I                          am             hungry

To Be —- Adjective

            —- Noun

            —- Adverb of place


I              am          hungry

You       are          lazy

They     are          students

We         are          employees.

She        is              midwife (bidan)

He          is             an employeer (bos)

It            is             my cat.

Michelle       is             my daughter

Michelle and George are my children.

(+) S + to be + C

E.g     They are here

           I am at Easy Speak

(-) S + to be + not + Complement

E.g    You are not lazy.

           My boss is not stingy.

(?) To be + S + Complement ?

E.g     Are they at School ? Yes, they are.

           Are you at office ? No, I am not.

           Is she kind? Yes, she is

           Is Matthew naughty ? No, he is not.

Translate and change into (-) and (?)

1. Istri saya rajin.

(+) My wife is diligent.

(-) My wife is not diligent.

(?) Is my wife diligent?

2. Mereka nakal.

(+) They are naughty.

(-) They aren’t naughty.

(?) Are They naughty?

3. Kami miskin.

(+) We are poor.

(-) We aren’t poor.

(?) Are we poor?

4. Pisau tajam.

(+) The knife is sharp.

(-) The knife is not sharp.

(?) Is The Knife sharp?

5. Sungai dangkal.

(+) The river is shallow.

(-) The river is not shallow.

(?) Is the river shallow?

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