What is fire fighter ?

Fire Fighter is used if you have implemented GRC.

Fire fighter is also a nomal user ID but having some
specific access [Say Su01 or SAP_ALL]as per the needs.
User type is kept as “service user’

when it is used:
Say, in your project you are security administrator who
does not have access to direct SU01 but you needs the
access urgently.


Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is handy tool for data uploads. In most of the big projects there is a separate development / data migration team is available. However, at times, it would be responsibility of the functional consultant to load the data such as vendor master, customer master and asset master etc. It would be real handy for a functional consultant to know LSMW (at least recording method) and it would help them to successfully complete the task. Hope this document would help many of our functional consultants, as I am seeing number of questions around LSMW. The simple rule is: Follow this document and practice is for number of times possible, then you will become master





SmartForms vs StreamServe

SmartForms is SAP’s out-of-the box forms solution (successor of SAPScript).

However in some situations SmartForms is not enough. For example you might need extended printer driver support, extended barcode format support, advanced business graphics, white space management, post processing etc, etc.

In this case you can use StreamServe (a SAP Endorsed Business Solution) as a complementary product to handle document output (both printed and electronic) from SAP. Seehttp://streamserve.com for some background. In this case you normally reuse some standard SmartForm / SAPScript / PDF-based print form in your system for which you enable raw data output (XSF, RDIĀ  or XFP respectively), and use your existing forms to provide data to StreamServe. Technically you would typically set up StreamServe as an output device in the Spool Administration and just print your document to the “StreamServe printer”